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We get you new clients
Directly booked to your calendar

No more unqualified leads.

We fill your schedule with pre-screened,

pre-qualified clients who are really looking for your services.

What we do ?

We deliver actual appointments for you

Pay only for actual results

Cost effective - We eliminate the risk of  ineffective marketing efforts and ensure to generate measurable outcomes.

Prospects are carefully selected - We make sure that unqualified leads don't pass the qualification process.

Gain complete transparency with our customized CRM - Keep track of every conversation with prospective patients across various channels, including chats, texts, emails, inbound and outbound phone calls. All the information is aggregated in one convenient location.

Measurable direct results - We ensure that every dollar invested into marketing generates a measurable ROI.


How we do it 

Our expertise lies in the development of a personalized, fully automated client acquisition system customizable specifically for your unique business needs.


We'll make an effective diagnosis. We will take a detailed look to understand exactly what are your needs and future goals. 


We’ll create a customized, made for you strategy that aligns to your objectives, and use specific method to target directly your future clients. 


We build a funnel that will attract your ideal customer ang get rid of all the unqualified leads.


Direct notifications. As soon as a qualified prospects is identified, you will receive a direct notification in your e-mail, by sms or on the CRM. You will be able to call them, chat with them, send them on the CRM. You will also see them in your calendar


Everything live. In the CRM, you will have a access to a dashboard that show you live information, you'll be able to track the progress of your campaign, at every steps.

B3A consult is a lead generation company


Some results

The goal was to build a costumer base as we just opened a new clinic. 

Results: in only 3 weeks working with B3Aconsult, we had a 6 time return on investment.

6 time ROI

Unlock the potential of digital marketing for appointment booking with b3aconsult's tailored solutions for dental clinics. Our comprehensive approach encompasses website optimization, search engine marketing, and targeted advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your appointment booking page. By increasing visibility and engagement, we help your dental clinic capture more appointments and enhance patient satisfaction.

Dr. Nora Kesraoui

Kirkland Dental Center

Dr. Bistritz wanted more patients for dentals implants

Results: 20 time their return on investment, ganing new dental implants patients

Dental implants - 20 time ROI

b3aconsult's digital marketing expertise extends to revolutionizing appointment booking for dental clinics. Through our customized strategies, we enhance your clinic's online presence, ensuring that potential patients can easily find and book appointments. With optimized search engine rankings, targeted advertising, and intuitive booking interfaces, b3aconsult helps your dental clinic maximize appointment bookings and optimize patient engagement.

Dr. David Bistritz

Aventura Dental Center

Invisalign - 15 time ROI

Iberville Dentistery wanted to grow their clientele for Invisalign.

Results: 15 time their return on investment and monthly new appointments for Invisalign services.

Experience the transformative power of b3aconsult's digital marketing solutions in streamlining appointment booking for dental clinics. Our team of specialists works closely with clinics to develop customized booking platforms that integrate seamlessly with existing systems. With user-friendly interfaces, real-time availability updates, and secure data management, b3aconsult empowers dental clinics to efficiently manage appointments and deliver exceptional patient service.

Dr. Nadia Meghraoui

Iberville Dentistry

Dr. Edward Shluper, DDS

Working with B3Aconsult was very helpful, it brought patients to the practice. Their creativity and advice are invaluable. I'm glad I came across their services."

Ready to get started

Some clients

A team of experts at B3A consult is seen brainstorming and developing tailored strategies to enhance brand visibility
A close-up shot of a laptop screen shows a website being optimized for search engine optimization by B3A consult
A group of professionals is captured analyzing market trends and demographics to identify the target audience for a client's brand.
A visually appealing social media post created by B3A consult is displayed, showcasing their expertise in social media marketing
A before-and-after comparison image highlights the transformative effects of B3A consult's optimization techniques on a website's online presence
A team member from B3A consult is shown conducting a thorough keyword research analysis to improve organic search rankings
A collage of colorful graphics representing various online marketing channels illustrates how B3A consult can help clients attract their target audience
A visually striking ad campaign created by B3A consult is displayed on a billboard, showcasing their ability to make brands stand out in a competitive market
A split-screen image shows a website's analytics before and after B3A consult's implementation of their tailored strategies, emphasizing the significant increase in online bookings
A team of professionals is captured in a meeting, discussing the latest trends and advancements in the digital marketing industry to stay ahead of the competition
A montage of screenshots from different social media platforms showcases B3A consult's proficiency in managing and optimizing clients' social media presence
An infographic highlights the key elements of B3A consult's comprehensive marketing approach, encompassing SEO, social media marketing, and more
A satisfied client is pictured, sharing their success story after partnering with B3A consult, emphasizing the exceptional results achieved through their tailored marketing strategies
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