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Laser hair removal


Tattoo laser removal

This medical aesthetics institute that offers premium aesthetic treatments for both men and women. They ensure you receive the best care possible along with cutting-edge technology.​​ 

They were looking to get more appointments for their services. 

We began working with them by a deep analyse into all their current marketing strategies and sales process, and making an effective diagnosis that gave us a detailed look to understand exactly what are the needs and future goals. 

We created an automated sales funnel that targeted specific prospects interested in their aesthetic services and book their appointment.

This brought them an increase of business growth the first week working with us, increasing the booking process and conversion rates, culminating 1510 successfully scheduled appointments.



  • Direct appointments booking automations with pre-qualified leads.

  • Craft a customized digital marketing strategy tailored to align with their sales goals.

  • Implement an automated sales funnel system to reach ideal clients.

  • Implement SMS and e-mail automation.

  • Establish a sales funnel process with digital marketing advertising that increased sales.

  • Follow-up with all prospects.


B3A Consult's social media marketing services for retreat places drive engagement and boost bookings. This image showcases engaging social media posts, influencer collaborations, and community building efforts. Connect with your target audience, increase brand awareness, and attract more bookings through our strategic social media campaigns.

1510 inbound calls requesting an appointment - total for 12 months

An ebook cover displaying the title 'Bookings Uncovered: A Definitive Guide.' The cover captures attention with an intriguing visual concept, representing a comprehensive and insightful exploration of successful booking strategies
An ebook cover featuring 'The Bookings Blueprint: Unveiling Success.' The cover embodies a blueprint-inspired design, hinting at step-by-step methods and strategic insights to achieve booking success

Unlocking Marketing Success

Your Comprehensive Guide to Increasing Bookings

Discover proven techniques and insider tips that will elevate your marketing game and make your retreat stand out in a crowded market. From crafting compelling retreat descriptions to leveraging the power of social media, we provide step-by-step guidance to ensure your marketing efforts generate maximum impact.

Unlock the secrets to attracting more participants and increasing your bookings. Increase your revenue by achieving your targeted guest booking goals. 

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