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 A digital marketing agency generating leads for clients through strategic marketing tactics for dentists. Book appointments for dentists, More implants patients
 A digital marketing agency generating leads for clients through strategic marketing tactics

More appointments,
more new patients,

grow your practice.

No more leads.

We fill your schedule with pre-screened, pre-qualified patients who are ready to begin their dental treatments. By doing so, we help you save precious chairtime and eliminate any unnecessary frustration.

Experiencing any of these problems with your dental marketing campaign?

Spending significant time and money without seeing any significant ROI.

Team members are exhausted from pursuing unresponsive leads.

Frustration over receiving leads that are of low quality, lacking the financial means or seriousness to move forward.

Wasting valuable chair-time on consultations that do not result in case acceptance.

Despite all your efforts, you are still unable to perform the implant or braces dentistry you desire.

If any of these resonate with you, we can help.


We book appointments for you

We ensures that you receive pre-screened and financially pre-qualified patients who are ready to proceed with treatment.

Our team of Treatment Coordinator serves as a seasoned professionals who conducts virtual consultations, acting as their dedicated advisor in the decision-making process regarding dental treatment.

  • The Coordinator simplifies the selection process for patients, helping them choose you as their preferred option.

  • They take on the responsibility of nurturing and educating prospective patients on your behalf.

  • They handle the essential tasks of screening and pre-qualifying individuals in advance, saving you valuable chairtime.

  • This approach provides patients with the convenience and ease to navigate their dental journey at their own convenience


We handle various aspects of patient coordination allowing you and your team to prioritize delivering dental care.

Discover the seamless appointment booking solution offered by b3aconsult, your trusted digital marke
Elevate your dental clinic's appointment booking process with b3aconsult's advanced digital marketing service. Our dedicated team specializes in creating seamless online booking systems that empower patients to schedule appointments with ease. With our expertise, we integrate user-friendly interfaces, secure data management, and real-time availability updates to ensure a smooth and efficient booking experience. Let b3aconsult optimize your appointment scheduling, allowing your dental clinic to provide convenient and timely access to your services.

Start driving more patients to your practice

The leads are carefully selected 

We make sure that unqualified leads don't pass the qualification process.

Capture the right audience with a highly targeted and comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

Our strategies encompass multiple channels, focusing on patients actively seeking the treatment you provide.

Establish your practice as the go-to authority for dental treatments in your area.

Gain complete transparency with our customized CRM

Keep track of every conversation with prospective patients across various channels, including chats, texts, emails, inbound and outbound phone calls. All the information is aggregated in one convenient location.

Coach your team

We provide coaching and a digital resource to keep your team motivated, enhance the patient experience, and increase case acceptance.

Fill your schedule

We ensure that every dollar invested into marketing generates a measurable ROI.


Some results

The goal was to build a costumer base as we just opened a new clinic. 

Results: in only 3 weeks working with B3Aconsult, we had a 6 time return on investment.

6 time ROI

Discover the power of b3aconsult's digital marketing expertise in revolutionizing appointment booking for dental clinics. Our innovative strategies and cutting-edge technology enable clinics to offer 24/7 online booking capabilities, empowering patients to conveniently schedule appointments at their own convenience. With b3aconsult, your dental clinic can enhance patient satisfaction, streamline operations, and optimize appointment utilization for maximum efficiency.

Dr. Nora Kesraoui

Kirkland Dental Center

Dr. Bistritz wanted more patients for dentals implants

Results: 20 time their return on investment, ganing new dental implants patients

Dental implants - 20 time ROI

At b3aconsult, we understand the importance of seamless appointment booking for dental clinics. Our digital marketing services are tailored to create user-friendly booking platforms that prioritize accessibility and simplicity. By integrating intuitive interfaces, clear instructions, and responsive design, we ensure that patients can effortlessly book appointments from any device, fostering a positive and efficient patient journey.

Dr. David Bistritz

Aventura Dental Center

Invisalign - 15 time ROI

Iberville Dentistery wanted to grow their clientele for Invisalign.

Results: 15 time their return on investment and monthly new appointments for Invisalign services.

Empower your dental clinic with b3aconsult's digital marketing prowess, specifically designed to enhance appointment booking. Our expert team combines industry knowledge and innovative strategies to optimize your clinic's online presence, drive traffic, and convert visitors into booked appointments. With b3aconsult, your dental clinic can attract and retain patients by providing a seamless and convenient booking experience.

Dr. Nadia Meghraoui

Iberville Dentistry

Dr. Edward Shluper, DDS

Working with B3Aconsult was very helpful, it brought patients to the practice. Their creativity and advice are invaluable. I'm glad I came across their services."


Stop the chase of unqualified leads that waste your chairtime. Fill your practice with patients who are pre-qualified and are genuinely committed to moving forward with your services.  

Some clients

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