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A serene outdoor meditation or yoga area at a retreat place, with panoramic views of rolling hills or a tranquil lake. This image captures the essence of mindfulness and connection with nature, inspiring individuals to embrace a holistic retreat experience and find inner peace.

Case study

Casa Corazon

Casa corazon

La Casa Corazón is a charming boutique hotel located in Bocas del Toro.  Nestled in the heart of the town, this hotel offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere for travelers seeking a comfortable and memorable stay. The architecture and design of La Casa Corazón reflect the vibrant spirit of Bocas del Toro. The exterior showcases a colorful Caribbean-style façade, adorned with local artwork and tropical plants, giving it a distinct and welcoming appearance.

The owrners of Casa Corazon were looking to build their brand authority and bring more clients to specific events. 

We began with a comprehensive examination of their existing marketing strategies and sales procedures, enabling us to conduct a thorough diagnosis that provided us with valuable insights into their precise requirements and future objectives.

We developed an automated sales funnel exclusively for them. This strategic approach resulted in a notable surge in their business growth within the first week of our partnership, notably amplifying their conversion rates.



  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation

  • Social Media Influencer marketing

  • Utilize comprehensive and effective diagnostic techniques to gain a deep understanding of specific needs and future objectives.

  • Craft a customized digital marketing strategy tailored to align with their sales goals.

  • Implement  sales funnel system to reach clients

  • Implement SMS automation.

  • Establish a sales funnel process with digital marketing advertising that increased sales.


A successful social media advertising campaign for hotels by B3A Consult, showcasing targeted ad placements, engaging visuals, and measurable results. This image highlights the impact of social media advertising in reaching a wider audience, driving website traffic, and increasing direct bookings for hotels.


An increase of 70% in showing-up rate for their weekly and monthly events


Return on investment (ROI)

30 times return on investment 

An ebook cover featuring 'Bookings Unleashed: The Ultimate Playbook.' The cover exudes energy and excitement, representing a comprehensive playbook filled with innovative strategies to unleash booking potential
An ebook cover displaying the title 'The Booking Success Handbook.' The cover showcases a professional and authoritative design, conveying that the guide is a trusted resource packed with indispensable tactics for achieving booking success

Unlocking Marketing Success

Your Comprehensive Guide to Increasing Bookings

Discover proven techniques and insider tips that will elevate your marketing game and make your retreat stand out in a crowded market. From crafting compelling retreat descriptions to leveraging the power of social media, we provide step-by-step guidance to ensure your marketing efforts generate maximum impact.

Unlock the secrets to attracting more participants and increasing your bookings. Increase your revenue by achieving your targeted guest booking goals. 

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